1. Massive Metal Warrior 1:37
  2. Sabretooth 1:48
  3. Metal 2:13
  4. Bombtrack 3:04

The Story

Enam had seen Tony and Sharif perform live on separate occasions and felt that their musical chemistry would be great. So, he invited both for a jam at his house around Spring of 2016 and indeed, Tony and Sharif had a lot in common. Seeing the success of the initial jam, Enam invited both back for a few more. But then a need arose for a vocalist. Enam had met Rafi through his brother-in-law around Summer of 2015, who mentioned in passing that Rafi sang. Not knowing the type of music he was into, Enam decided to take a chance and invite Rafi to one of the jams. The rest as they say- was history. The quartet initially started as a project to create one original song because their thinking was that not too many US-based Bangla bands focused on creating originals. One song became two, then three. Eventually, Enam, Tony, Sharif and Rafi began their journey as “Kronedge” on August 1, 2016. Fast forward to Summer of 2017. After releasing two singles “Shopnochari” and “Kolpojatra”, Kronedge was getting ready for live shows and again, there was a need. But this time for a bassist. Sharif had spotted Amit once at a show and Tony was tasked with contacting and inviting him to a jam in Enam’s basement. Amit showed up with a bass amp the size of a carryon suitcase and custom tones for each song they were to practice. He had also listened to and practiced both Kronedge originals, which seriously impressed the band. The quintet continued to practice throughout 2017. Amit was asked to officially join Kronedge beginning of 2018, which he accepted- completing Kronedge’s current lineup.

Utthan | Kronedge | Official Lyric Video | 2019

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Release Date : March 3, 2023
Artist : The Bandname
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