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New Album

  1. Ke Dake
  2. Kop
  3. GonoRajtontro
  4. Bir
  5. Barta
  6. Brishti Bilash
  7. Oshim
  8. Noisho Prohori

Thank You

For our debut album, first and foremost, we want to thank our families. Especially ‘Kronbibis’, without whom we couldn’t/wouldn’t be here. Second, our friends and fans. You have supported us since our first single in 2017. You flew out of state to see our shows. Shared our music. This album is for you. Last but not least, we would like to specifically thank these individuals, who went out of their way to help us throughout the process. We will forever remember and cherish your support and generosity.

Abrar Hoque, Agniv Sengupta, AGS Production, Amit Saha, Andrew Biraj, Anila Chowdhury, Arafat Kazi, Armeen Musa, Atanu Khan, Aushi Omar, Bassbaba Sumon, Dave Chaletzky, Dewan Anamul Hasan (Raju), Fuad Al-Muqtadir, George Lincoln D’Costa, Ghashphoring Choir, Ishfaque Hossain, Johan Alamgir, Kimberly Shires, Kurt Hagemann, Luthful Plabon, Mahin Sujan, Nasif Farhan, Octave band, Rabiul Islam Shishir, Rousseau Mannan, Sakib Chowdhury, Sakib Murshed Rafi, Shatadru Ahmed, Shadman Sakib, Syed Aftab Hoq (Surjo), Sabbir Hossain Turjo, Tahmid Hossain
All bands and musicians in Washington DC metro area, including Jotil, Aricha Ghat, Shadow Dreams, Bibagi, Bidroho, Infusion, Chorabali, Project X.